Training Providers: Requirements 2 Guarantor PLK RM24k

Announcement to Training Providers :

In accordance to the 2nd PTPK Board of Directors Meeting of 2015 held on 20th October 2015 regarding the approval of the Skill Training Loan and Fund Management Guidelines, have agreed loan value which exceed of RM24,000.00 shall submit two (2) guarantors consist of either (mother/father/guardian) as their status and a another person status that does not belong from the previous category. For loan value which is less than RM24,000.00 is adequate with one (1) guarantor consist of (mother/father/guardian) as their status.

In addition, submission of agreement which applies to two (2) guarantors will require to submit four (4) copies of Skills Training Agreement for the review process with effective 1st May 2016.

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