1. The subsequent payment of ESH will be confirmed within 14 (second first week) of each month.
2. The Processing fees will be made when the Training Provider had submitted ;
  a. A completed Confirmation of Subsequent payment form which had been signed by the student and Manager of the Training Provider.
  b. A copy of Form 1002 (Registration Current Level of Skill Development Department)
  c. A copy of the payment receipt
  d. A copy of Form 1003 (previous level of achievement as assessed by the NCC Officer) or
  e. A copy of previous level the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM)
  f. Exceptions of number ii, iii, iv and v of ILJTM Training Provider.
Starting Tuition Fee and ESH will be made after PTPK receives a COMPLETED skills training LOAN DOCUMENTS. The time taken to release this payment is in between 1-14 days from the date of completed agreement and bank account validation from the Loan Management System