Skills Training Loan Program for School Leavers

Loan Application

1. agreement submitted  is soiled and torn
2. unqualified  guarantors
3. differences / inconsistency  in trainees'   or guarantors signature 
4. incomplete address submitted by trainees  and guarantors
5. copies of trainee and guarantors ic are not clear
6. unqualified verifier and witnesses
7. agreement submitted after specific period given
( 30 days after letter of offer date)
A.. Conditions of registration Training Provider (PL) and PK
  The conditions of registration
  List registered with PTPK PL
  List of funded programs
B. Application of skills training loan
  The conditions of application
  Review loan applications
  The application flow charts
C. Payment of skills training loan
  The method of payment
  Confirmation subsequent payments / monthl
  Check payments by PL and PK
Loan Agreement must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the offer letter issued.
1. Loan Offer acceptance letter Skills Training (Appendix A)
2. One (1) copy of the Utility Bill to confirm a permanent address trainees
3. One (1) copy of the identity card of the First Guarantor with certified true copy.
4. One (1) copy of latest salary pay slip or income confirmation letter of the First Guarantor endorsed by the employer.
5. Declaration Form of guarantor's financial position.
6. Four  (4) copies of Skill Loan Agreement with certified and remitted stamps.
Incomplete loan application will not be processed.
Yes, throughout the year through the registered training providers with PTPK, the online loan application.
* Letter of Offer will be issued after the application is approved and the document can be obtained from the Training Provider
Training providers are responsible for ensuring that the following points are made: -
1. Using On-Line application form (
2. Submit the application form for each student that been approved by PTPK with verified supporting documents to PTPK;
3. Check the information on each part of the application form, supporting documents must be certified
4. Each Application form must be arranged as per checklist provided in the systems before submitted to PTPK;
Loan applications must be submitted through the training provider that registered with PTPK.
Training providers are responsible for ensuring that the following conditions are made: -
1. Applicants must be Malaysian
2. Ages 15 to 45 years for SKM level 1 to 5
3. Attending the Malaysian Skills Certificate training program for full time approved by PTPK.
4. Attending training at an approved training provider by PTPK
5. Has been confirmed registered with the Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran to undergo the training within the prescribed period.
6. Coming from a family with income not exceeding RM5, 000.00 per month.
7. Applicants must have two guarantors 
8. Do not receive financial assistance from any other government agencies.
9. Attending the training within the period prescribed by the JPK in the Regulations Guide and Skills Accreditation Malaysia 2005 dated on February 2, 2005

Loan Offer

Approved loan offer letter for application can be downloaded through the  training provider
The loan  offer l etter will be  announced after the application form  has been  checked,  qualification  screened and approved

Loan Agreement

1. Acceptance Loan Signing Skills Training (Trainee)
2. Comply with the draft agreement on 'fill Agreement Handbook
3. Sending Letter Agreement within 30 days from the date of Letter of Offer issued
4. Turn off / remit Rs 10 or disabled stamp / stamp remitted by the Inland Revenue Department or other recognized
5. Signing the Loan Agreement Training (Trainee and Guarantor)
6. Using fixed address or addresses to be contacted during the period of the loan until the end of the loan repayment
7. Agreement filling black ink pen and use capital letters
8. Provide supporting documentation
  a. A copy of the identity card and guarantors trainer
  b. A copy of the pages of CIMB / RHB account number stated borrowers
  c. A copy of the latest pay slip or income declaration form (if self-employed)
  d. A copy of the Borrower and the Guarantor of information form
  e. A copy of the declaration form First Guarantor Financial Position.
Loan Agreement shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of the letter of offer issued

Payment Order

1. The subsequent payment of ESH will be confirmed within 14 (second first week) of each month.
2. The Processing fees will be made when the Training Provider had submitted ;
  a. A completed Confirmation of Subsequent payment form which had been signed by the student and Manager of the Training Provider.
  b. A copy of Form 1002 (Registration Current Level of Skill Development Department)
  c. A copy of the payment receipt
  d. A copy of Form 1003 (previous level of achievement as assessed by the NCC Officer) or
  e. A copy of previous level the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM)
  f. Exceptions of number ii, iii, iv and v of ILJTM Training Provider.
Starting Tuition Fee and ESH will be made after PTPK receives a COMPLETED skills training LOAN DOCUMENTS. The time taken to release this payment is in between 1-14 days from the date of completed agreement and bank account validation from the Loan Management System