Skills Training Loan Program to the Employee Group

Loan Application

1. Forms and supporting documents that need to be submitted is incomplete
2. Applicant / PL did not enter (key-in) the student and loan details completely in the Corporation’s system.
3. Form and Loan Agreement letter is incompletely filled
4. Did not open an account at RHB Bank/statements and letters of indemnity are not endorsed by the RHB Bank.
5. Accreditation/recognition of the program has expired
6. Authentication of documents by ineligible person.
The application of CSR to employees can be submitted via online throught the year
The documents required to apply for this loan must be submitted together with supporting documents to another. The documents required are as follows:

1. Supporting documents for application
  a. Loan Application Form To The Employee Skills Training.
  b. One (1) copy of the applicant's identity card has been confirmed. (Front and rear face identification card size 25% larger than the original size of an A4 page.
  c. Loan Offer Letter To The Employee Skills Training, Skills Development Fund that is printed out of the Loan Management System (SPPiv), PTPK.
  d. Training Offer Letter from PL to students with training in accordance with the fee structure that has been signed by the student.
  e. One (1) copy of the candidate Registration MGS / DKM / DLKM (JPK/T/1002) and Official Receipt of Registration Fee for the Malaysian Skills Certification program (MCP).
  f. Calendar and schedule applicants skills training.
2. Supporting documents to the Agreement
  a. One (1) copy of the Identity Card Guarantor has been confirmed. (Front and rear face identification card size 25% larger than the original size of an A4 page)
  b. One (1) copy of the Statement of Account RHB new students / active.
  c. One (1) copy of the Consent Form Students Contribute Insurance Takaful Ikhlas.
  d. One (1) copy of the Form RHB "Indemnity Letter" students who have been registered by the Bank RHB
  f. The following additional documents are required for the following categories of applicant:
      Employees at work
      i. Confirmation from the employer that the student has worked in employment now exceeds one (1) year.
      ii. Copy of Letter from employer skills training.
      iii. Copy of Last Month Pay slip, EPF Statement and Statement of SOCSO contributions.
      Retrenched workers
      i. Copy of the Cessation of Employment from previous employer to support EPF statement or statements or Form EA SOCSO contributions (Income Statement) to date.
      ii. One (1) copy of the Declaration of Income (if monthly income).
      iii. One (1) copy of the Job Placement In To Students Industry Training Providers.
      Self-employed workers
      i. One (1) copy of the Statement of Income (IRB) has confirmed / Form Statutory Declarations Act 1960 (Revised -1969) certified.
      ii. One (1) copy of the Company's Business Registration with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).
      iii. Letter of Acceptance Loan was signed by students.
      iv. One (1) copy of the Utility Bill (water or electric bill) recent booking for Student permanent address verification.
      v. One (1) copy of the Form Name and Address of Applicant / Guarantor Guarantor And Relationships With Students.
      vi. One (1) copy of the latest pay Guarantor / Income Declaration Form / Statutory Declarations Act 1960 (Revised 1969) Guarantor (if no pay slip).
      vii. One (1) copy of the Declaration Form Guarantor Financial Position
      viii. One (1) copy of the Letter of Authorization 1 Gives Permission / Consent to the Skills Development Fund (PTPK).
      ix. For borrowers, guarantors and witnesses of the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and do not have their hands and feet shall submit the following documents :
        - Witness Form Validation And Application On People With Disabilities (PWDs) Not Have Foot And Hand Under Skills Training Loans (PLK) For The People - PTPK/PP-OKU/1 - August 2011; or
        - Visit Application Verification Officer On People With Disabilities (PWDs) Where No Hands And Feet For Loan Document Signing Skills Training (PLK) - PTPK/PP-OKU/2 - August 2011.
        - Three (3) Copy of PLK To The Employees who have completed and remitted the stamp.
3 Supporting documents for Payment Instructions
    Confirmation Form signed by the student and PL
Registered Training Provider could apply by online on-behalf of applicant to following skill training program to The Employee’S Fund.
The Training Loan Application shall be able from PTPK email address through registered Training Provider
Further information please refer Application and Payment Flow Chart to The Employee’s Fund.
No. Skills Development Loan Program (CSR) To The Employee will use RHB Bank. Therefore, the borrower must open a RHB Bank account to facilitate loan payment.
Loan rate between RM 750 to RM 24,000 depending on the program and training level which include training fees and premiums for insurance coverage.
1. Applicants must be a Malaysian citizens.
2. Applicants must be in the aged of 18 to 45 years old on the date of application.
3. For applicants who  has been retrenched / VSS, should submit one (1) copy  letter of termination from a the previous employer, or
4. For applicants who have been laid off, shall submit one (1) copy of the termination letter from a previous employer, or
5. For self-employed applicants, should  submit a copy of their business registration with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) and the Statement of Income (IRB) / Form of the Statutory Declarations Act 1960 (Revised -1969) which has been certified.
6. Applicants currently studying at the Training Provider (TP) that has been registered with  SDF under the CPM courses  accredited by the Department of Skill Development (DSD) or certification that is recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) or the Public Service Department (PSD) or professional certificate international recognized  or certification approved by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister's Office (PMO).
7. Applicants  must not be bankrupt.
8. Priority to applicants who are not in the profesional and management level.
9. Applicants  have not receive any funding or sponsorship from any government agencies or  financial institutions during the training period.
10. Applicants must not  be a school students or  undergraduate  inwhich currently studying at any educational institution.
11. Applications must be submitted through registered TP with SDF.
12. Fields / Skills courses followed by the applicant must be approved by  SDF.
13. Settlement of arrears is required for applicants who have previously  SDF loan (if any) before the new loan is approved.
14. Repayment of loan will begin on the following month after the applicant / borrower has completed their training .
15. Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time.
The program is open to employees in the Public and Private Sectors. Categories of workers can apply for this program as follows
a. Current Employees
b. Employees who have been laid off (retrenched) or the stop itself under the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) due to downsizing or closure of industry due to the economic crisis or because the employee contract expired, or
c. Self-employed workers (self-employed) who want to get skills training to increase skills
Can. Skills training methods for both VCL and Non VCL program are as follows:
a. VCL - full time, part time and Recognition of Prior Achievement (APA)
b. Not VCL - full-time and part-time
Training programs that will be funded are Malaysian Skills Certification program  VCL and Non VCL
1. Retraining (Re-skilling)
2. Training new skills to support their existing skills (Multi-skilling)
3. Skills training to increase the level (Up-skilling)
4. Skills training for certification of knowledge and work experience.
The purpose of this program is to improve the qualifications and skills to enable workers who have completed the skills training program held in high positions, thus contributing to the increase in income students.

Loan Offer

Deals announced in the Letter of Offer after the loan application form is checked, and approved for eligibility screening

Loan Agreement

1. Posed Agreement is found dirty, torn and can not be accepted by the Court.
2. Ineligible to submit surety..
3. Signature of student or sureties different / inconsistent.
4. Submit address students and guarantors incomplete.
5. Submit a copy of the IC students and guarantors that are not clear.
6. Submit verifier and witnesses who do not qualify.
7. And submit supporting documentation loans above a specified period (60 days from the date of online application approved)

The following officers are eligible officers and witnesses can verify the supporting documents for the borrower

1. All witnesses should be Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia
2. Must be truly witnessed the signing of the borrower and guarantor, and
3. Shall consist of all government officials and Professional Management Group (formerly known as Group A) in the Ministries / Departments and State / District Office / universities / schools, etc., or
4. Military Police Officer and Y positions of Grade 16 and above (starting rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police) and Z 19 and over (from the rank of Captain) or an equivalent grade in the other uniformed personnel, or
5. Member of Parliament / Member of Legislative Assembly or State Executive Councillors (Exco) / Senator or Justice of the Peace, or
6. Warden / Headman / Chief Community / Conference / District Development Officer / Chairman JKKK (Village Development and Security Committee, or
7. For Sabah - Clan Chief, Chief Native, Sabah Parks Officer, or
8. For Sarawak - Temenggong, Pemanca, Chieftain, Clan Chief, Captain & Chief Longhouse, or
9. Employer or any person or officer who is approved by PTPK.
1. Malaysian.
2. Monthly income not less than RM700 a month, aged 21 years old and not more than 45 years old on the date of application..
3. Bankruptcy-free.
4. Cannot be a  guarantor more than two (2) for PTPK’s Borrower except borrowers parent.
One guarantor is needed for this program.
Applicants must submit three (3) Original Agreement duly completed and signed to PTPK
Loan Agreement together with other supporting documents must be submitted within 30 days from the date of online application approved

Payment Order

Training fee applicant / borrower will be paid to the account of the applicant / borrower and transferred directly into PL account for training fees and insurance companies account for payment of insurance premiums.
Skills training fees will be paid when the application status 'Agreement Completed'