Loan Agreement

1. Acceptance Loan Signing Skills Training (Trainee)
2. Comply with the draft agreement on 'fill Agreement Handbook
3. Sending Letter Agreement within 30 days from the date of Letter of Offer issued
4. Turn off / remit Rs 10 or disabled stamp / stamp remitted by the Inland Revenue Department or other recognized
5. Signing the Loan Agreement Training (Trainee and Guarantor)
6. Using fixed address or addresses to be contacted during the period of the loan until the end of the loan repayment
7. Agreement filling black ink pen and use capital letters
8. Provide supporting documentation
  a. A copy of the identity card and guarantors trainer
  b. A copy of the pages of CIMB / RHB account number stated borrowers
  c. A copy of the latest pay slip or income declaration form (if self-employed)
  d. A copy of the Borrower and the Guarantor of information form
  e. A copy of the declaration form First Guarantor Financial Position.
Loan Agreement shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of the letter of offer issued