Payment Order

1. The subsequent payment of ESH will be confirmed within 14 (second first week) of each month.
2. The Processing fees will be made when the Training Provider had submitted ;
  a. A completed Confirmation of Subsequent payment form which had been signed by the student and Manager of the Training Provider.
  b. A copy of Form 1002 (Registration Current Level of Skill Development Department)
  c. A copy of the payment receipt
  d. A copy of Form 1003 (previous level of achievement as assessed by the NCC Officer) or
  e. A copy of previous level the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM)
  f. Exceptions of number ii, iii, iv and v of ILJTM Training Provider.
Starting Tuition Fee and ESH will be made after PTPK receives a COMPLETED skills training LOAN DOCUMENTS. The time taken to release this payment is in between 1-14 days from the date of completed agreement and bank account validation from the Loan Management System