Loan Agreement

1. Posed Agreement is found dirty, torn and can not be accepted by the Court.
2. Ineligible to submit surety..
3. Signature of student or sureties different / inconsistent.
4. Submit address students and guarantors incomplete.
5. Submit a copy of the IC students and guarantors that are not clear.
6. Submit verifier and witnesses who do not qualify.
7. And submit supporting documentation loans above a specified period (60 days from the date of online application approved)

The following officers are eligible officers and witnesses can verify the supporting documents for the borrower

1. All witnesses should be Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia
2. Must be truly witnessed the signing of the borrower and guarantor, and
3. Shall consist of all government officials and Professional Management Group (formerly known as Group A) in the Ministries / Departments and State / District Office / universities / schools, etc., or
4. Military Police Officer and Y positions of Grade 16 and above (starting rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police) and Z 19 and over (from the rank of Captain) or an equivalent grade in the other uniformed personnel, or
5. Member of Parliament / Member of Legislative Assembly or State Executive Councillors (Exco) / Senator or Justice of the Peace, or
6. Warden / Headman / Chief Community / Conference / District Development Officer / Chairman JKKK (Village Development and Security Committee, or
7. For Sabah - Clan Chief, Chief Native, Sabah Parks Officer, or
8. For Sarawak - Temenggong, Pemanca, Chieftain, Clan Chief, Captain & Chief Longhouse, or
9. Employer or any person or officer who is approved by PTPK.
1. Malaysian.
2. Monthly income not less than RM700 a month, aged 21 years old and not more than 45 years old on the date of application..
3. Bankruptcy-free.
4. Cannot be a  guarantor more than two (2) for PTPK’s Borrower except borrowers parent.
One guarantor is needed for this program.
Applicants must submit three (3) Original Agreement duly completed and signed to PTPK
Loan Agreement together with other supporting documents must be submitted within 30 days from the date of online application approved