Review & Borrower Ledger


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Postal Order / Money Order / Cheque

Borrower's Name, loan account number, Borrower's IC number and contact number


Maybank2u/CIMB Clicks / iRakyat /

Borrower's IC number, loan account number and contact number


Pos Malaysia Online / BSN Counter / Counter of Bank Rakyat

Borrower's name, Borrower's IC number , loan account numbers and contact numbers
Please contact the Cawangan Bayaran Balik of PTPK. Additionally PTPK will send a notification letter to the borrower and guarantors who have completed the loan payments.
PTPK's borrower can pay the loan without a fixed monthly rate but an administration fee of 3% will be charged on the outstanding balance if less than the prescribed amount.
Borrowers can contact PTPK after 15 days from the date of the transaction to check whether  the fees have been paid.