Financing Loans Insurance

The loan is being protected from  the date training started until the end of the loan repayment period. For example:
Duration: 3 years
Job search period: 6 months
Repayment period: 10 years
Cover the entire period: 13.5 years = 14 years (the period of coverage annually although not enough 12 months)
Referring to existing insurance policies, insurance compensation payment will only be paid in the case of death or permanent disability only. In the case of accidents involving both â € "two of the accident is not covered. Borrowers should pay its own loan delinquencies to the Corporation. The amount of claims that will be paid by the insurance company is dependent depend on the amount of premium contributions during the accident happened. For example deaths occur in the first year, the insurance company will pay the entire outstanding loan debt, but in the event of accident or above in the second year, the total compensation received will be reduced each year.
Borrower, parent, guardian or next of kin can make a report directly to the Collection Division, PTPK with the required documents for the process of the  insurance compensation claim to the insurance company.
Total balance  of loan debt insurance compensation will be paid to the heirs of the borrower/guarantor  in accordance with accident cases based on methods and preferences below:
a Borrower Death Case
  Receiver  will be paid to the insurance compensation as follow: -
  i. Married -  wife, children, parents or legal heir
  ii Single -  parent, guardian or legal heir
b. Permanent Disability Case
  Balance of the  amount from the insurance compensation to be paid to the borrower. If the borrower obtained permanent disability that does not allow him to deal to get the compensation, the priority for the payment will be paid as follows: -
  i. Married-wife, children, parents or legal heir
  ii Single - parent, guardian or legal heir
Yes, the rate of insurance is included in the total loan approved
Each of the approved loan amount will be insured based on the borrower's age, the amount of the approved loan and repayment period. Insurance coverage was made to protect the loan principal amount to be paid by the insurance company appointed by the Corporation in the event of death or permanent disability that allowed to the borrower.